Supercharge Your Immune System: 7-Day No Sugar Challenge

Do you have gut pain, headaches, achy joints, fatigue, brain fog or just feeling blah?

Do you want to increase your immunity and vitality to get ready for the winter?

We have just the thing!

In this 1 week program, you will take a break from sugar and learn the building blocks gaining better health, vitality, and immunity.

You may have tried to start eating more healthy on your own before but sustained success often requires better information and better support. Join with a group of experts and other community members who can support you on your journey to better health.

Learn what your body needs - not what everyone else thinks your body needs.

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What You Get:

2 days of success foundation

  • In depth health and starting point assessments
  • Mindset reboot to get your ready for success

5 days of active sugar elimination and immune system supercharging!

  • Educational videos on immune boosting nutrition and diet
  • Inspiring videos on mindset, movement, and brain health
  • Breakfast, lunch, & dinner recipes every day
  • Daily encouragement and self discovery tools
  • "What To Expect" live training and Q&A Monday, November 9, 1:00 PM Mountain

  • "Mindset" live training and Q&A Wednesday, November 11, 1:00 PM Mountain

  • "Cognitive Health" live training and Q&A Friday, November 13, 1:00 PM Mountain

Access to the experts and community you need to begin your journey toward making permanent changes

  • Community support during the challenge in our private Facebook Group
  • Opportunities for Q&A discussion with your wellness nerds in our private Facebook Group
  • Daily challenges to get the conversation started
  • Information and support specifically tailored to busy, high achieving professionals who want to Supercharge their VITALITY even when their plate is full of other responsibilities.
  • Clear direction and more power to achieve your goals because you have the right community, information, support and physical energy to achieve your dreams. 


Self Discovery & Health Assessments

Understanding your body in the beginning helps you to understand your direction, goals, and actions so you can then track your progress. This is how you discover YOUR body.


Informative & Engaging Videos

Your wellness nerds are just that - NERDS! We love all things health and wellness and want to share all we can so you have all the tools you need to succeed.


In Depth Information

You get permanent access to a library of learning. We are grateful that many of our resources are from The Institute of Functional Medicine and the many CE courses we've attended over the years.

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How this 7-Day No Sugar Challenge Can Help You Thrive

Learn the Basics

Learn key concepts about how and why sugar is inflammatory and can cause much dysfunction including cognitive decline. Starting with the 7-Day No Sugar Challenge can get you on the right path to start your journey to an EPIC life full of vitality.

Community & Practitioner Support

Leaning on a community only increases success. Join a community of professionals who are beginning the same journey you are, sharing your goals, needs, and triumphs. Are groups and programs and lead by expert practitioners - your wellness nerds.

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Tonia M.

This was a small investment that completely changed my life. Little did I know I was going to shed nearly 20 pounds in the 12 weeks. In total, slightly before the program and now a couple of months after, I have been able to keep 25 pounds off by changing the way I eat. Both of these ladies are truly amazing and such beautiful people! 

Taylor L.

Sitting here today, I feel like a new person. I am a healthier, happier, and more confident version of myself.

Karin B.

 I can proudly say that I am still in great health two years later - and still weigh 17 pounds less than I did two years ago. I am so grateful to have had the foresight to make the investment in myself.

Sandy S.

My brain health is improving dramatically and I know this because I have observed my motivation go from low to higher levels. I am getting more things done and able to relax and concentrate on what's important. I feel less anxious and very hopeful.

Matt R.

I am a health coach, athlete, and dad, on a journey to take control of the MS I was diagnosed with. From all that I have learned and the new healthy habits I have created, The EPIC Course has pointed me in a direction that has me feeling better than I have felt in a long time. I have more energy, sleep better and my MS symptoms have decreased. I knew how bad sugar was but avoided removing it from my diet, taking the steps to control my addiction to sugar. Having the support, encouragement, and education towards living a healthier life was made possible with Nikki and Drs. Lynn & Sam. Thank You!

About Your Wellness Nerds

Lynn Tran, DC RYT - Your Movement & Mindset Nerd!!
Sam McDonald, DC AFNI - Your Brain Nerd!!
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 Dr. Sam and Dr. Lynn work as a team with families who take a proactive approach to addressing limitations of brain function including ADD/ADHD, Autism, anxiety & depression, PTSD, chronic fatigue, and brain fog.

Whatever symptoms or conditions you or your child may present with, addressing the symptoms is important but they also recognize that the symptoms are an outcome of an imbalanced nervous system, the major operating system that orchestrates all systems in the body. Delving deep to answer the question, "What is happening in the brain," Drs. Sam & Lynn look to understand how your brain developed, explore what deficits are limiting function, and in turn how the imbalanced brain may affect cognitive function, alter biomechanical function, and physiological adaptability. 

Dr. Lynn is a neurologically-based chiropractor and co-founder of Wild & Precious Optimal Living. She combines her years of experience as a seasoned yoga trainer and meditation facilitator to bring a somatic approach in helping her clients become more engaged with their healing experience. 

Dr. Sam is a neurologically-based chiropractor and co-founder of Wild & Precious Optimal Living. Unique to Dr. Sam, he is certified through the American Functional Neurology Institute.

Dr. Lynn and Dr. Sam are current candidates of the Melillo Method, which is used to identify brain imbalances and treat many symptoms of mental, attention, behavioral, and learning disorders.

Nikki Burnett, MS CNTP MNT & Trained by the Institute for Functional Medicine - Your Nutrition Nerd!!
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Nikki often sees high achievers, go-getters, and those driven to succeed in life but something is holding them back. Pain, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety - all can stop you in your tracks! 

Nikki is a functional nutritionist and founder of Taste Life Nutrition. The best thing we do at Taste Life Nutrition is help you overcome hidden barriers to both health and success and free you from what is holding you back so you can feel great, thrive, do more of what you love.

We believe that the body does not operate in a vacuum - one imbalance has the potential to create multiple imbalances.

The goal is to do some detective work to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. We dig deep into your lifestyle and history then back it up by functional lab testing and potentially genetic testing to gather data. This helps guide us to make sustainable changes to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle so you can take charge of your life.

 We are your partner in your health so you can find your freedom and reclaim your energy, vitality, and success. Food is life – Taste Life!

Are You Ready?

Join us and other amazing people who will be on this journey with you!

Live life vibrantly!!

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